One More Time

At my last ultrasound on last Friday afternoon we found that I had 4 follicles ready andtextgram_1499122691 my lining was perfect. I really think the pomegranate juice makes a difference. This time I drank a cup of pomegranate juice every day like I did in January and my lining and estrogen levels were great. I wasn’t so consistent about it in May and my estrogen was really low. I did my trigger shot on Friday night and our embryo transfer is set for July 7! I started my progesterone suppositories this morning and we go in tomorrow morning to sign the consent forms and then it’s just waiting for the transfer on Friday. I found out last Friday that Dr. Amols isn’t doing the Beta study anymore so we will have to wait until 10 days after our transfer to find out if it worked. Again, we are planning on waiting a bit after we find out to announce anything so we can tell our families first.

In unrelated news I won a prize for the spiciest salsa at my work’s salsa challenge. I find it kind of funny since I hate spicy food and as such have no idea what my salsa actually tastes like. I had one of Matthew’s friends taste test it for me so I knew it was spicy and tasted good before I brought it to work.

We want to thank everyone for their support and well wishes and ask for prayers for our 2 little embabies that they survive the thaw process and implant successfully where they are supposed to, in the uterus this time.

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