22 Week Update

twin-girl-gender-revealIt’s been a while since the last update, but I’ve been busy and pregnancy brain keeps me from remembering to post anything, lol. At 22 weeks today the babies are the size of ears of corn (or guinea pigs, or water bottles). We officially now know that Bean and Sprout are Emily and Elizabeth! We are having two girls which is very exciting for us and also means that there is a slim chance that they are identical rather than fraternal. In a natural pregnancy (i.e. no fertility treatments) Di/Di twins of the same gender have a 30% chance of being identical. Because we transferred 2 embryos the likely hood of them being fraternal is a lot higher because it is more likely for both to have stuck than 1 to have stuck and split into identical twins early enough for both babies to have separate sacs and placentas. Either way we are very excited to meet the girls in (hopefully) 16 weeks. This month I’m hoping to get the guest room cleared out so we can put the computers in it and turn the computer room into a nursery. According to my pregnancy apps their inner ear has developed giving them a sense of balance that is hopefully better than their mama’s, and their eyes are formed, but lack any color yet. As for me I’m feeling relatively fine. I’m tired all the time, which is normal, and have swelling in my ankles and regular headaches. I’m also experiencing round ligament and lower back pain which is expected for how fast I’m growing. All in all completely normal pregnancy symptoms. I’m also getting rather close to not fitting behind my steering wheel which means I’ll have to start working from home soon. My next appointment will be the 5th of December and this time my mom will be able to go to the ultrasound with us.

We want to thank everyone for their well wishes and prayers and can’t wait to see what God has in store for us and our miracle rainbow twins.

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