28 Week Update

We’ve hit the third trimester!!!! We’re in the home stretch now and had another appointment today for our gestational diabetes screening and a growth check.

The GDS went easier than I thought it might. I didn’t have a choice as to what flavor of glucose drink I got, as they only had fruit punch flavor. I will say it wasn’t that horrible tasting, though it wasn’t actually good either. It was kind of like when you make Hawaiian Punch but either put in 4 times as much sugar as needed or use the concentrate and only use half as much water as you need, in other words sweet beyond words and kind of tasted like fruit punch lol. You have to down the entire thing in 5 minutes and then an hour later you have your blood drawn and tested. My OB works on a no news is good news philosophy so if I don’t hear anything by the end of the week I know I passed. I’ll find out more about my results at my next doctor’s visit.

As far as the growth check is concerned the news isn’t as good as it could be. The midwife was concerned about their lack of growth. Both girls’ measurements were in the 10th percentile, which is small even for twins. The midwife did stress that the small measurements could be a result of technician error or the ultrasound machine not being super accurate. The girls were also moving around a lot so the technician just may not have been able to get very good pictures. As a result of this I’m being referred to a maternal fetal medicine specialist, which translates to high risk specialist. Their techs have more training and they have more precise equipment for better measurements. My appointment is next Thursday so we’ll have more information then. In the mean time I’m going to increase my protein content since that is something that has been mentioned to help their growth before. We also found out during the growth check that both girls are breech which means that if they don’t flip before 38 weeks or I go into labor (whichever is first) we will be having a C-Section. Even if they do flip before the time comes I will be delivering in the OR just in case something goes wrong so we are already where we will need to be.

Outside of those things we talked to the midwife about the carpal tunnel I’m developing in my wrists recently. The carpal tunnel has been getting worse so I was wondering if there was anything we could do to mitigate the symptoms. She told us that outside of the wrist braces (which weren’t helping) there isn’t really anything we can do besides wait it out. The carpal tunnel should go away within a couple of months of giving birth.

We want to thank everyone for their well wishes throughout our infertility journey and want to ask for prayers that the apparent small size of the twins is due to an error of some kind. We know God has His plans for our family and we are trusting Him to keep our girls safe.

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