Week 29 Update

I know the week is almost over, but a lot has happened this week so I wanted to wait until all of the doctor’s appointments were done before I gave any update. I had three appointments this week. One on Wednesday for my 3-hour glucose tolerance test since I failed the 1 hour test, and two on Thursday with both the OB/midwife and a maternal fetal medicine specialist.

The 3-hour test went about as well as one would imagine. I had to fast over night and then get my blood drawn for a baseline level and then drink the glucose drink that tastes kind of like they tried to make fruit punch with a concentrate and forgot to add the water. Drinking it on an empty stomach is rough and made me rather nauseous but thankfully I didn’t throw up. Then my blood was drawn every hour after that for three hours. Thankfully my arm didn’t bruise after that many blood draws since we are scheduled to have our maternity pictures done tomorrow and having my arm bruised up would make those really hard.

Baby A 3D Ultrasound
Baby A’s 3-D Ultrasound

The MFM specialist appointment went much better than the 3-hour test. It was confirmed that the girls are measuring about 2 weeks behind, but their blood flow is good and everything else is measuring well. With their blood flow and how active they are the specialist isn’t concerned about their health, which is a huge relief. He said the ‘by the book’ solution is to up the number of appointments to 2 times a week to better monitor their growth and hearts, but since everything looks great and they are just small he said it’s up to us if we want to up the

Baby B 3D Ultrasound
Baby B’s 3-D Ultrasound 

 number of appointments or if we want to stay on the current appointment schedule. We will discuss our options with the doctor when we see them next Tuesday. We got a lot of really good pictures of Baby A at the ultrasound, and while Baby B let the tech get some pictures she wasn’t as cooperative as A.



The third appointment this weeks was with the OB/midwife to discuss the results of my 3-hour test on Wednesday. Unfortunately, I failed the 3-hour test as well so I have been officially diagnosed with gestational diabetes. We are going to try to monitor it with diet and exercise first so we can avoid medications while I’m pregnant. I’m going to have to test my blood 4 times a day to keep track of where it is.

This week has been full of ups and downs and next week will probably be a repeat. We are in the home stretch though and I can’t wait to update everyone after the OB/midwife appointment next week. We want to thank everyone for the love and support we have received, and ask for prayers that the girls get a growth spurt during these last couple of months and that my blood sugar will stay under control.

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