31 Week Update

We’ve made it to 31 weeks! Technically we’re at 31+5 weeks but I wanted to wait until after our perinatal specialist appointment today. I am currently seeing the OB/Midwife every week and the perinatal specialist every other week for growth checks. At our OB appointment this week everything looked fine. The midwife was happy with where my blood sugar has been at since the gestational diabetes diagnosis. I’ve been so accustomed to managing my blood sugar with diet and exercise that I haven’t had to change much to keep my blood sugar where it needs to be. They did not do a growth scan at the OB’s office because they wanted to wait for the perinatal specialist to do it as they have better equipment. Thankfully mom has been able to drive me to the perinatal specialist appointments so having 2 appointments in a week hasn’t been too complicated logistically. At the specialist appointment we did have a growth scan and the girls have both gained weight! Baby A is measuring at 2 lb 13 oz and Baby B is measuring at 2 lb 12 oz. The doctor said their blood flow looks great and both girls look very healthy. Even though they are still considered growth restricted he reiterated what the first specialist said, that he is not concerned with their health and it looks like the girls will just be petite. It was reassuring to hear the same thing from another doctor. The specialist I saw today feels that as long as they continue to grow relative to themselves he doesn’t see any issues with their health later on.

DSC_0169Outside of the appointments we had a baby shower and had our maternity pictures taken. The shower was thrown by some very good friends of mine from church and I felt so loved by everyone in attendance. The girls are already getting spoiled and have a larger wardrobe than I do. Our pictures turned out amazing! A big thank you to Ashley, my friend who took the pictures for us.

As the girls continue to grow we are optimistic about their health once they are born and hope they continue to grow for the next 6ish weeks. We appreciate continued prayers for their health and growth as we would love for them to be at least 4 lbs when they are born as they would have to spend less (if any) time in the NICU for weight gain. Also prayers for the girls to flip head down as both are still breech which means a c-section for me, which we would like to avoid if possible.

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