Week 37 Update

We have made it to the beginning of our 37th week of pregnancy! According to my pregnancy apps the girls are either the size of romaine lettuce, striped skunks, Swiss chard, or a tackle box. This is a major step for us as most twin pregnancies (roughly 60%) are born by 36 weeks. This means more time for the girls to grow and more time for us to get ready. We have 2 appointments this week, one with our OB on Tuesday and one on Thursday with our MFM Specialist. We are really hoping the girls have finally flipped head down, or at least Baby A has so we can still try for a vaginal birth. We have already told our OB and the midwives that we are willing to do whatever it takes to get the girls out safely and healthy, so while I would like to avoid major abdominal surgery, we are fine with a c-section if that’s what it takes. At our appointment last week we saw one of the midwives again and found out that A was flipped breach, yet again, but that was really the only thing that has changed. They are also still very active which is a great thing because it means they are healthy in there. I’ve started having some of the very early signs that labor may be impending, but they are also the same things that just say I’m in the third trimester. I am still having a lot of swelling in my feet and hands, but that is thankfully normal so my doctor isn’t concerned about it. We are pretty sure one of the girls has dropped, but there isn’t enough space for both of them to do that. So one is sitting really low and one is still up in my lungs. Matthew’s mom came down again this past week to help us get the house ready for the girls’ big arrival. We also have an official induction/c-section date if the girls don’t show up on their own before. Our scheduled date is March 15. Matthew and I like that date because of the historical significance (the Ides of March).

We feel very blessed to have the wonderful support group in our family and friends that we have and that the girls are so loved even though they aren’t here yet. As always prayers for the girls’ health and that they will finally get head down are appreciated.

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