Week 37 Update Part Deux

37weekspregnant38 weeks is right around the corner! Since I posted about this week so early to begin with I thought I’d give an update for the doctor’s appointments.

At the OB appointment on Tuesday both girls were still breech, but other than that healthy. We got to see the OB this time since he didn’t have surgery that day. He is very impressed with how far along I am with minimal complications, and is very excited for our induction/c-section date. He had a student with him during our visit and kept telling the student how amazing it was that I didn’t develop most of the complications that occur with twin pregnancies and they even though I tested postive for gestational diabetes it was only barely and is completely diet controlled so he doesn’t consider it a complication for me. He also gave us his cell phone number just in case I went into labor before the 15th and his vacation early this coming week. He wanted to make sure he was the one to deliver us if he can which means a lot to us.

Our MFM appointment went well, too. During that ultrasound both girls had flipped to being head down! Well, kind of, lol. A was completely head down, while B was kind of both. She had folded herself in half so both her head and feet were down. Granted, with them being breech on Tuesday all this means is that it is still going to be a crap shoot whether or not they are head down for labor day. Fortunately, our OB said we can do an ultrasound when we get to the hospital to see what position the girls are in. The girls both had another growth spurt which is great. They were both measuring at over 5 pounds, though that is an estimate. They are still techically considered growth restricted, but only barely, and their blood flow still looks great so no one is worried about their heath over them being on the smaller side. The tech was kind of sad that this would be our last appointment with them as we are only doing the growth scans every 2 weeks and the girls are coming this coming week.

We are also meeting with the cloth diaper service we are going to be using, which is exciting. We want to do cloth for ecological and some financial reasons, but the idea of washing them myself is a little intimidating, especially with 2 babies. This service gives a multiples discount and washes the diapers for us, so it will still be a little less expensive than using disposables and some research shows that kids who are in cloth diapers tend to potty train earlier so they will be in diapers for less time.

We are so very blessed to have the wonderful family and friends we have that are so amazingly supportive of us. I cannot wait for the girls to get to meet everyone. Please continue praying for the girls to be/stay head down and for them to wait until the 15th so our OB will be the one delivering us.

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