Week 38 Update


We are almost there! This is week 38 for us and the end of the pregnancy part of our journey.

Labor day is scheduled for tomorrow so I decided to do a post today since I will probably be too tired tomorrow to post anything. We are scheduled to deliver tomorrow at 10:30 am, but we don’t yet know how that delivery will occur. Our OB said he wanted to do an ultrasound before either an induction or c-section to see what position the girls are in. We are still ok to do an induction if A is head down, but they were breech at our appointment yesterday, again. The girls seem determined to flip and flop up until they are born. As we are not delivering at the hospital we had initially thought we would be we are doing a tour of the hospital tonight, I know it’s really late but we found out recently which hospital we will be delivering at. We are also getting our car seats inspected today after I get off work. So we have a busy day going before the girls get here.

It’s hard to believe that this portion of our journey is almost over. We tried so hard for so many years it doesn’t always seem real that this time tomorrow I’ll be holding my little girls in my arms. This is one of the things that I don’t think a lot of people going through infertility think about. When you finally get to the end of that stage of your life and have the baby or babies you have been longing for. Part of me is super excited to finally get to hold them, but part of me is afraid it will feel almost anticlimactic since we have waiting so long. We both love them so much already and I can’t wait to meet them, but it does feel kind of weird at the same time that it is actually happening.

Those who are being told about the girls’ birth first, we request you allow us the honor of announcing their birth before posting anything to social media. We are continuing to ask for prayers for the girls’ health and that they are in good positions for birth. We honestly would like to avoid surgery if we can, but just want them to enter the world in a healthy manner. Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive during this stage in our lives, we can’t wait to share what God has in store for our family next.

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