First Days Home

The Twins a few minutes old
Emily on the left and Elizabeth on the right

Saying it’s been a very busy week for us is a bit of an understatement. Tomorrow the twins will be a week old! We were discharged from the hospital on Monday so we have been learning how to handle two babies at home with two dogs as well.

The twins’ birth went very smoothly, which is a good thing when you are talking about a c-section. We got to the hospital two hours before our scheduled surgery time and had an ultrasound to determine if Baby A was breech or head down since our OB said we could change to an induction if she was head down. Both girls were still breech so we started prep for a c-section. While they were pumping me full of fluids to help keep my blood pressure up while having anesthesia I was joking with Matthew that one or both of the girls will have flipped to head down during the prep for the c-section. The anesthesiologist came into the room and we discussed having Matthew in the room with me when I got the spinal block. Normally the support person will be in a chair outside the waiting room until after the spinal is in place to make sure they aren’t in the way during surgery prep. Unfortunately, with my needle phobia I was concerned I would have a panic attack during the process. When I explained the phobia to the anesthesiologist he said he didn’t have an issue with it as long as Matthew stayed out of the way, but he had to double check with our OB to make sure he was ok with it. We got the exception for Matthew to be with me as long as he promised to stay out of the way during all of the other prep. Getting the spinal done was more painful than I had expected because I had to be hunched over a pillow so the anesthesiologist can find the space between the vertebra to put the block. It also involved several smaller injections in the area to numb it before the needle was placed for the spinal block. Once they got me numbed from the waist down they put up a drape between my chest and the rest of my body. I had the option of a clear drape so we could see the girls being born, but we both decided that we were ok with not having the risk of seeing any part of the surgery. After making sure I was numb (apparently there was pinching and poking involved) our OB started the c-section. He had a student with him so he explained the process of the cesarean while he was doing it. While that could have been neat to hear, I am glad they gave me oxygen to help keep me calm during the surgery. Emily was breech and born first at 11:16 and Elizabeth was born shortly after, head down, at 11:18. Emily was 4 pounds, 7 ounces and Elizabeth was 4 pounds, 14 ounces. Both girls were very healthy and didn’t have to spend any time in the NICU or special care nursery. I got to hold Emily while our OB finished the c-section which apparently made the anesthesiologist very nervous. He was afraid I would drop her. We spent 4 days in the hospital after the girls

Mom and Jenny with Emi and Eli
Emily on the left and Elizabeth on the right (day of birth)

were born, they passed all of their tests with flying colors, including their car seat challenge. A car seat challenge is just to make sure the car seats we have for them aren’t too big and don’t cause breathing issues for the girls. They each spent an hour and a half in their car seat with a pulse oximeter to watch their oxygen levels. If they hadn’t passed that we would have gotten different car seats from the hospital that are designed for preemies. They have their first pediatrician appointments tomorrow with a doctor who also has twins. I have been trying to pump enough for the girls, but my milk is a little late completely coming in so currently we are supplementing with formula until I have enough supply to feed them. They have huge appetites so it will take a bit to satisfy them.

Everyone warns you about the baby blues, and to watch for postpartum depression, but something I wish had been mentioned to me is how emotional I would be the first night home. Matthew had to go get my prescriptions from CVS so I was alone with the girls. We were alone for maybe 5 minutes when Elizabeth started crying followed shortly by Emily. I couldn’t figure out why they were crying since they had just eaten and both had clean diapers and suddenly felt very overwhelmed. I started sobbing and had my anxiety jump though the roof. My friend K came over to help and my mom was already coming over to bring us dinner that first night. They both ended up staying a while to help calm me down. My mom told me that it is very normal to experience a crying jag and feel massively overwhelmed the first day back home, though I ended up feeling kind of stupid once it was over. Matthew’s mom is in town now to help out for a week, which is amazing and very much appreciated.

Emi and Eli 6 Days Old
Emily on the right and Elizabeth on the left (6 days old)

I want to thank everyone for their support during the pregnancy and am overwhelmed by how loved my little girls already are. God has answered so many prayers in these little girls and we are just blown away by His love. We cannot wait to see what He has in store for our girls. Continued prayers for the girls’ health are always appreciated, as are prayers for Matthew’s and my sanity as we try to figure out a routine and get settled with two new babies in the house.

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