One Month

The girls are now one month old! They have been keeping us on our toes and we have been very busy. They have been to the pediatrician twice now and were both about 5 pounds at their last appointment a couple of weeks ago. Their next appointment is Friday and we’ll get another weight update. We have tried 2 different baby carries with them so far and the girls prefer the Moby wrap over the ring slings. Elizabeth isn’t a fan of being worn right now, but I think it is mostly because she doesn’t like being cuddled closely like Emily does. Once the girls reach 7 pounds we can try the soft structured carriers we have and see if she likes those better. We are also looking at twin carriers so I can hopefully wear both girls at the same time. We are also looking for a lighter double stroller since I can’t lift the one we have now. It’s great for full family trips, but for just me it doesn’t really work. Both girls are enjoying tummy time and are pushing themselves up on their hands and lifting their heads to look around. They also are kind of army crawling their way off the tummy time mats that my wonderful uncle and his girlfriend sent us. We took pictures of the girls with rabbits we made for them at Build a Bear, and the rabbits are as big as the girls! It just kind of emphasizes how little the girls still are. We have also taken the girls out to a few restaurants now and they have done really well each time. We are hoping that by exposing them to lots of different environments they will be calmer at restaurants and such when they get older.

Emily on the left and Elizabeth on the right

As far as me, my incision is healing really well, I took the super glue holding everything together off a couple of days ago and it isn’t red or anything which is a good sign. I also haven’t taken any pain killers in the last couple of weeks which I’m hoping means that I’m almost healed up or close to it. My next follow up appointment is on next Tuesday, and I plan on trying to stop at our RE’s office so we can get a picture of him with the girls. We are so thankful to him and his office for helping us achieve this dream of ours.

We want to thank everyone for their prayers and well wishes, we have been so blessed to have the amazing support group we have. We are so thankful that God has blessed us with these 2 amazing daughters and we can’t wait to see what He has planned for their lives.

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