The Test Results Keep Coming In

We have gotten through our appointments this week and have already gotten a good chunk of our results back. We are still waiting on the additional semen analysis but we do have the results back from the blood tests and the sonohystagram. The STI panels came back negative, which really isn’t a surprise to us, lol. We also got my blood typing back, the result was O+ which works out well since that is Matthew’s blood type as well. This means we know we shouldn’t have any issues with my blood type not reacting well to the baby’s. My sonohystagram went well. It wasn’t as bad as the HSG, but still wasn’t very comfortable. It was a very similar experience to the IUI’s, though with much less cramping afterwards. There is good news and bad news with the sonohystagram. The good news is that there aren’t any fibroids or polyps that would prevent implantation of the embryos. The bad news is that with no fibroids or polyps we still don’t know what was causing the IUIs to not work for us. It’s frustrating for me to not have a reason for the problems because it means there is nothing I can do to fix it.

This is with 2 days worth of healing.

My only concern now for the retrieval is the number of blood draws I will have to go through leading up to the retrieval. The blood draw on Tuesday left my arm rather bruised and I am concerned that if I bruise during the other blood draws they may have a hard time doing the other draws that are required. The guy who did the blood draw on Tuesday did not do a very good job on either me or Matthew, he also didn’t use the smaller needle that I normally prefer, which was probably why the bruising occurred. What that means is that we will probably have to make sure to request the smaller needle and make sure who ever is doing the blood draw knows that I bruise easily.

We did talk to one of the IVF nurses regarding the intramuscular trigger shot and she did confirm that the shot can be done as a subcutaneous injection. Dr. Amols prefers to have the shot done as an intramuscular injection because the medication can absorb faster via intramuscular, however because of my phobia is is willing to work with us regarding the injection. The nurse said that for it to be the most effective as a subcutaneous shot I would have to do two injections so the medication is over a greater surface area and therefore absorbs faster. Intramuscular shots can also be in larger doses than subcutaneous shots which is also why we will have to do the shot as two injections.

Everything seems to be progressing smoothly, and I am very excited and optimistic about the entire process. God has led us this far, and we know He will continue to lead us through the procedure and any results we may have.

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