Start of My Pin Cushion Life

Yesterday was the first of many blood draws leading up to our retrieval. In preparation for all of the blood draws I am making sure that I am very well hydrated. Being dehydrated can make it harder for them to hit the vein on the first try, so I’m drinking a lot of water. I’ve also found an app and a day planner that will hopefully help me keep all of my appointments and injections straight. I’ll update when I know if the app has any actual worth to it, lol. The draw didn’t go as well as planned, the nurse missed the vein on her first try and had to go to another vein for the draw so I was stuck twice. The stick that got the vein has bruised a bit, as well, but thankfully not as bad as the last draw I had. I also almost passed out during the draw, two sticks will do that to lose me. They had to get me water and cookies to try and bring my blood pressure back up. Dr. Amols said he would try and minimize the number of draws we have this cycle. I do need to have another one on Friday, but any draws that happen the same day as the ultrasounds may be canceled depending on how the ultrasound looks. We are good to go with starting the injections tomorrow. To start with I will be doing two a day, one in the morning and one at night. They have to be done between 6am and 9pm and must be 12 hours apart. Because of my hours at work and my needing the numbing cream that means I will be doing my morning injection at work. I’m currently playing phone tag with health services at work to figure out if there is a special protocol regarding the injections as a needle is involved.

As everything gets closer to the retrieval I’m feeling a mixture of excitement and worry. I am really not looking forward to the IV and the recovery from the retrieval, but we’ve already gone through a lot over this process, I’ll handle it. I would appreciate prayers for God’s peace for me regarding the IV and blood draws and that my body responds well to the stimulation medications so we get lots of eggs.

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