Hurry Up and Wait

We are in another waiting phase of the infertility journey. That’s what this whole thing seems to be, hurry up and wait. We had another ultra sound on Friday to see what the progress of the most recent large cyst is. I had had some lower abdominal pain a few days prior that was a bit concerning, but it went away after a short time, so we are figuring that it was just a muscle pain of some kind. The ultra sound showed that the cyst was completely gone!march 22 ultrasound no cyst Continue reading “Hurry Up and Wait”

Third Time May Be The Charm

So we are now officially in the third cycle of treatment. Last cycle was another BFN and we are hoping this cycle will be the one. Dr. Amols said that if IUI is going to work, most couples will conceive by the third cycle. Since last cycle with 4, count them 4 follicles didn’t work and we had to do 2 more injections past what was originally planned we are going with a slightly more aggressive treatment plan with a different injected hormone at a higher dosage. Before I was taking Follistim which is a follitropin beta injectable hormone, and I will not be on Gonal-F which is a follitropin alpha (or alfa as the box spells it) injectable hormone. In doing my own research I’m not finding a lot of difference between the two medications. I have found 1 study (so take the results with a grain of salt) that says the follitropin alpha can have a higher chance for success than follitropin beta, but I’m also finding a lot of people that didn’t have success with alpha but did with beta. So it may just be how your body reacts to the different types of follitropin. Continue reading “Third Time May Be The Charm”

No More Waiting

Finally! I have two good, mature follicles at about 20mm each so we are good to go with the IUI! I will be doing the trigger shot tonight at 9pm on the dot so that 36 hours later at 9am on Sunday morning we can do the IUI. I am so excited that we finally get to do the procedure because it feels like we are actually moving forward with the process instead of just more waiting. And yes, I am quite aware that there will be even more waiting after the IUI to see if we are pregnant, but that is waiting for an actual result rather than waiting so we can wait some more. For the shots, I only had a panic attack the first time I tried to give myself the shot. the second time was much easier, and the nurse at the office said that the trigger shot is just like the hormone injections needle size wise. Continue reading “No More Waiting”

And the Injections Start

We had yet another ultrasound today and the follicles still aren’t growing well. As a result of this Dr. Amols is starting me on Follistim injections. I already gave myself the first dose and the second dose will be tomorrow morning, happy Thanksgiving to me. We will do another ultrasound on Friday to see if the injections have helped. We are not aiming for the IUI being on Sunday or Monday, assuming I react correctly to the injections. I am super grateful that I have a very understanding doctor and that Dr. Amols prescribed me a cream with lidocaine in it to help numb the area where the injection will be. I’m starting out at 100 (I don’t know the units) today and will be doing 75 tomorrow. I’ve been more emotional today already, but I’m not sure if that’s because of my phobia of needles or the meds working really well. I am praying that it is the latter :). As a side note, since we will want to be telling immediate family first I won’t be mentioning any results of the IUI (good or bad) for a few weeks longer after we find out. Work is also about to be absolutely crazy for the next couple of months so posts may be less often than the appointments anyway, lol.

We feel blessed by all of the prayers and support we have been getting and thank everyone for listening to me whine and rant about this whole process. God bless 🙂

Ultrasounds and Disappointments

So I had another ultrasound today to see how many follicles I had and if we were ready to go to the next step of ovulation and then the IUI. Unfortunately, I only have two follicles growing and they both seem to be growing slowly. Dr. Amols said he would prefer to see three follicles for an IUI. Because the follicles are growing slowly I have another ultrasound on Wednesday to see if there is any progress with the growth of the follicles. If there isn’t he said we would need to do an injection of hormones to try and kick start the follicles. It looks like Clomid alone won’t be able to get my body to cooperate with the whole ovulation thing and I’ll be doing injectables with the Clomid for future cycles. Unfortunately this puts a huge kink in things timing wise since Matthew has limited days off and it’s not easy for him to get random days off of work. We are hoping that if the IUI needs to be on a day he doesn’t normally have off one of his friends will be willing to take his shifts so we can make this happen. I know everything is in God’s timing, but it is also frustrating when we are just almost there and still can’t do anything. We appreciate all of your prayers and ask that you continue to pray for us, that I have patience with how long this seems to be taking and that Matthew is able to get the time off that he needs for the procedure.

Finally Starting Treatment

Newest ultrasound, notice the complete lack of any cysts, yay!
Newest ultrasound, notice the complete lack of any cysts, yay!

So we had our cycle day 3 baseline ultrasound on Sunday and got some awesome results! We are ready to start treatment and try to get pregnant! I started taking Clomid on Sunday evening and will continue to take it for another couple of days and then we get to wait a few days before our next ultrasound on the 23rd to see how many follicles I have ready to go. If there aren’t too many (Dr. Amols has yet to mention what that cut off is) and they are ready to go, and my uterine lining is ready for pregnancy we will do the trigger shot and then 36 hours later we will do the IUI procedure.

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And Yet Another Ultrasound

The cyst has shrunk by more than a third
The deflated cyst, which looks a little like a deflated balloon.

So we had our 3 week follow up ultrasound to check on the progress of the cyst and see if it has gone away yet. Thankfully, it seems that the birth control has done it’s job and deflated the cyst in the ovary! The cyst now measures much smaller and looks kind of like a flattened blob. I also have fewer un-developed eggs in both ovaries which I think is also a positive sign as the mature eggs will be easier to see and count once we have started treatment. Dr. Amols said that I should finish the pack of birth control (which will be today) and then call them when I get my period again so we can do another baseline ultrasound before putting me on the fertility medication.

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And The Waiting Continues

So this post will include some gross TMI female reproductive stuff. If you are sensitive to that or find it offensive, don’t read this and just continue on your merry way 🙂 Granted as this is a blog about our fertility journey and hopefully eventually on our journey as a family with munchkins TMI reproductive stuff will probably be a recurring theme.

The big black area is the cyst, I honestly didn't know a kiwi could fit inside an ovary.
The big black area is the cyst, I honestly didn’t know a kiwi could fit inside an ovary.

With that out of the way, my period finally started! Of course it would start on the same day I was the matron of honor in a good friend’s wedding, but that’s neither here nor there. Continue reading “And The Waiting Continues”