And On To Something New

We are now in another waiting phase. These things seem to never end. We met with Dr. Amols on Tuesday to discuss finances and our options. A cycle of IVF with a transfer is going to end up costing $4,800 minus whatever the insurance company feels like paying plus the medications. Fortunately for us, our prescription insurance is pretty awesome and will cover most of our medications, which can get really pricey. Continue reading


The Natural Waiting Game

We are now past the fertile period for this past cycle. I’m still trying to get used to the idea that my body figured out how to ovulate on its own. I am truly hoping that this is God’s way of letting us know that we are doing things His way and He is giving us His blessing to go ahead and have our own biological children. I make the¬†distinction of biological because I was starting to think that maybe God wasn’t letting us get pregnant with the IUIs because He had other plans for us. Continue reading


Another Appointment, Still No Answers

We had another appointment with Dr. Amols on Tuesday. I am at cycle day 101 now which means it has been almost 100 days since my last period. This is particularly frustrating because we cannot start treatment again until it does start. It is also really frustrating because we still have no idea why it isn’t starting. I have finished one round of Provera, which should have started it, and only had brown discharge. I am now on a different medication which is a more natural progesterone. Dr. Amols said it is possible that my body has gotten used to the Provera which is why it didn’t work before. A downside of this new medication is that it makes me super dizzy. Thankfully I am supposed to take it at night right before I go to bed so I can sleep through the side effects. It seems like our next treatment cycle is never going to start. Sorry for the dramatics (or at least as dramatic as I get), just very frustrated this month (or 2 or 3 /sigh).


Other Options and Decisions to Make

We had our consult with Dr. Amols today to discuss other options if the next (and final) IUI fails. We got more information about our IVF options. There is the option that most people think of when they think of IVF, and that is to retrieve many eggs and fertilize them creating many embryos. These embryos are then frozen after they have grown 5 days and then thawed out 2 at a time when my uterine lining is optimal and transplanted in the hopes of one or both implanting resulting in pregnancy. The other option is retrieve many eggs and then freeze the eggs. We would then thaw 2-3 eggs and fertilize them then freeze the 5 days embryos and thaw them out for transfer when my uterine lining is optimal. Continue reading


Hurry Up and Wait

We are in another waiting phase of the infertility journey. That’s what this whole thing seems to be, hurry up and wait. We had another ultra sound on Friday to see what the progress of the most recent large cyst is. I had had some lower abdominal pain a few days prior that was a bit concerning, but it went away after a short time, so we are figuring that it was just a muscle pain of some kind. The ultra sound showed that the cyst was completely gone!march 22 ultrasound no cyst Continue reading