Results and The Next Steps

We had our “what do we do now” appointment with Dr. Amols this week. We got all of our testing results and went over what all of it means, and discussed what to do next. We finally got the results for Matthew’s testing. There is good news and bad news. The good new is he has a super high sperm count and they are all of good quality, the bad news is he also makes a ton of the fluid that transports the sperm. The end result of this is that while his sperm count is high, it is also very diluted because of the high fluid amount. Continue reading


Test Results and More Waiting

The HSG was today. Everything went well, there was a little cramping but not as much as I had been afraid of. Apparently the horrible period cramps I had when I was younger prepared me to be able to deal with it. We got the results today as well and praise the Lord! My tubes are wide open and my uterus looks exactly like it is supposed to. There isn’t anything weird inside it and it is what would be considered a normal shape and size. Continue reading


Prepping for the HSG

TMI warning, those who think talking about medical procedures is gross should probably not read this one. So, the HSG is tomorrow! I am so nervous about this procedure. What they are going to be doing is putting a catheter up past my cervix and into my uterus. They are then going to inject a contrast dye and take a bunch of x-rays. The goal of this is to see if my Fallopian tubes are blocked. If the dye leaves the tubes and spills into my abdominal cavity then they aren’t blocked. As it is at its core a series of x-rays we should get the results shortly after the procedure so at the very least we will have more results tomorrow.¬† Continue reading


Tests, Tests, and More Tests

A bit of a TMI warning…..though that’s kind of entirely what this blog is….my period finally started! It took a little over a week after I ran out of the meds for it to start, but Dr. Amols didn’t seem concerned. So now we can finish the rest of the tests and hopefully get some results. My 3rd day blood tests will be tomorrow morning, and the HSG will be next Tuesday. I’m super nervous about both. I have a moderate needle phobia so any blood work makes me uncomfortable, but Dr. Amols is awesome and called in a prescription for a lidocaine cream to help dull some of the pain associated with the blood draw. Continue reading


And Still More Waiting

We are still waiting. I finished the medication that was supposed to start my period last Friday. Dr. Amols said it would take up to a couple of days after finishing the medication for my period to start, so I’m not outside of the norm yet, but patience has never been one of my strong suits. Hopefully everything should start up in the next couple of days. We are also still waiting on Matthew’s test results from the 17th. I have theorized that since we will be seeing Dr. Amols on the 3rd day of my period, he plans on just waiting to give us Matthew’s results then. I am trying to keep myself occupied with books and doing research for when we do get pregnant. I am an unrepentant planner and going through everything we will need to know and get once we are pregnant helps keep me calm and feel more prepared. Matthew is much better at being patient (or at least faking it) and doesn’t seem to be stressing about it at all.

We greatly appreciate your prayers and good thoughts. I definitely need them in these periods of waiting, and trying to keep my sanity. Everything is in God’s hands and we are trusting Him to get us though it all.


And It Starts

We had our first appointment with Dr. Amols! We got to talk to him about our history and other testing that we have gone through. After listening to our concerns, asking questions, and giving us some very helpful information, he decided to start with me and do an ultrasound to see what my ovaries and uterus look like.

My uterus looks healthy and the lining is healthy and a good thickness. My ovaries however are another matter. Typically in the ovaries you can see 6-7 undeveloped eggs lining the ovaries, these are eggs that started to develop and for one reason or another do not develop all of the way and therefore aren’t released. In my ovaries I had 18 in one and 16 in another. Continue reading